Thursday, September 18, 2008

My sweet boy!

It's a birthday for my sweet, brown-eyed boy.

From Old Collin photos

He just came down....hours past his bedtime(!) and asked me to tell him a "story about today"...which is something I do with the kids...turn the day into a "once upon a time"....but tonight I told him a story about his birth he came on a day of his the sun was peaceful he was...and how I'll never forget holding him in the sunny recovery room....he was looking at me with those big eyes....Just C and I were in the room....and we named him.....I was close to getting teary remembering that awesome day.

He listened politely...and then asked me how many minutes until I get to the part about TODAY. Which is when his birthday party was...and that is what he would like to hear, please.

Just give a mommy her moment, boy!! At least he was polite about hurrying me along!!
Precious to me, that boy is...even when he's making me crazy.

From Old Collin photos

From Old Collin photos

From Collin's 5th birthday party

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